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Carrier Neutral Data Center

Most of the services provided by C9 are delivered from our very own, proudly built and managed, Tbilisi based Tier 3 Data Center. Gated premises of data center is a matter of national security, which is guarded by Georgian State Security Agency. The building complies with all seismic standards and is being monitored by CCTV both inside and out.

All areas of data center are secured with a biometric access control system. Data Center is powered by 3 independent power substations and a backup 630 KVA diesel generator, this level of power coverage enables us to guarantee industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) backed up by a strong Service Performance Guarantees (SPGs).

In addition to being a carrier neutral data center, we are connected to all leading telecommunications carriers and even small ISP operators via reserved dark fiber with several alternative routes and total interconnection capacity of 250 Gbps.