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The world keeps changing. Businesses are under constant pressure of doing more. Over the next decade, we will witness a complete transformation of every technology businesses use today to manage their operations. Companies need a fundamentally different strategy to managing technology and traditional ways of working. Now is the time to shape the future. Is your business ready for the future?

To help you meet these challenges, we provide intelligent solutions to digitally transform your operations. Together with our partners, we can integrate leading enterprise systems. We create and optimize your strategy to reduce costs, increase productivity and create new opportunities for innovation. Backed by a team of multidisciplinary professionals, we offer our industry expertise to help you succeed.


Computing & Storage

Our team members have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of data centre architecture and implementation. They have developed this experience over the last 10 years, working alongside IT departments, establishing best practices. We offer wide range of computing & storage infrastructure solutions.
  • Basic IT Infrastructure
    A platform providing high-quality operation of information systems with all levels of complexity.

  • Hyperconverged Solution
    Modular systems, which quickly and easily scales up to any required capacity.

  • Backup Solution
    Creation of copies of data to ensure business continuity with flexible organization of data storage, deduplication and data replication.

  • Virtualization Solution
    Simulated computing environment. Virtual applications, servers, storage systems and networks .


Corporate Network

We offer, technologies and systems providing communication, routing, control, access, security and other necessary network properties. Environment for data transfer and operation of all necessary business applications and services.
  • Corporate Network
    Deployment of core networking solutions.

  • Wireless Solution
    Construction of a local network without additional cabling.

  • VOIP Solution
    Telephony features combined with Internet networking capabilities.

  • Network Monitoring & Control Solution
    Control, planning and coordination of computer network resources.


Cyber Security

Our experienced team of security consultants and engineers help clients in implementing effective security technologies to reduce risk and ensure compliance. We provide tools and knowledge on how to protect your data from any unauthorized access, misuse, or modification.

  • Network Perimeter Protection
    Protection of hardware, software, data and personnel.
  • Protection of Workstations
    A comprehensive response of attacks on servers & computers.
  • Account and Privileged Access Management.
    Audit of actions, control of access, authentication and authorization of process control.
  • Data Leak Protection
    Hardware and software technology for preventing leaks of confidential information outside the company.
  • Security Information and Event Management
    Combination of network activity into a single address data set.
  • Network Telemetry and Anomaly Detection
    A mechanism for dealing with advanced threats using network activity analysis


Managed Services

As your reliable partner, we own and operate the state of the art carrier neutral data-center and provide top level services to our partners. The increasing complexity of IT environments means that more and more organizations are turning to managed services to keep pace with rapidly changing business requirements. In today’s always-on world, C9 understands the importance of having a secure, responsive and robust infrastructure that runs 24×7. As an agile player in the technology arena, we provide a personalized service; designing bespoke managed services solutions that are customized to your needs. Our expert support provides our clients with the highest levels of resilience and performance and as we’re based in the Georgia, we can address all your data sovereignty, security and compliance concerns.

Standardized Services

  • Computing recourses as a service – virtual servers, virtual Desktops
  • Storage space as a service – based on SSD, SAS
  • Secure internet access as a service – URL Filtering, IPS, app control
  • Offsite backup as a service – VM backup
  • DR as a service – Bundle of Network, Compute and backup solution
  • Privilege access management as a service – accessing our servers through PAM for better security

Specialized Services – Hardware as a service & SAAS solutions

  • Dedicated & specially designed hyperconverged infrastructure as a service
  • Dedicated & specially designed high-performance servers and storages as a service
  • Dedicated backup appliances as a service
  • Dedicated object storages as a service
  • Dedicated & specially designed data leak protection solutions as a service
  • Dedicated & specially designed SIEM solutions as a service